Rototec S.p.A. is a constantly expanding dynamic company present throughout Italy and abroad (France, Spain, Hungary…). Founded in 2000 within the System Group, it immediately specialised in the production of corrugated and smooth linear polyethylene tanks making use of rotational moulding technology.
The works, situated in Lunano (PU), covers a total area of 18000 sq.m and includes a production department of 5000 sq.m with 4 rotational moulding machines and an external area of 13000 sq.m for warehousing and handling.

Rototec products are used to create domestic sewage treatment plants, storm water runoff treatment plants, potable water storage systems and containment systems for foodstuffs and compatible liquids. The company’s products are divided into two basic categories.
The TREATMENT DIVISION includes grease traps, Imhoff type septic tanks, percolating filters, activated sludge plants, as well as storm water runoff plants, gravity oil separators and coalescing filters.
The WATER DIVISION includes a wide range of tanks of various shapes and sizes capable of satisfying any space and volume requirements for installation above ground (colour blue) or below ground (black and/or grey colour).



cartina-mutaRototec S.p.A.
Via dell’Artigianato n°6 – 61026 Lunano (PU) ITALY
Telefono 0722 7228 / 722801
Fax 0722 70599
mail: [email protected]
Partita IVA: 01476690415

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