Centraltubi has obtained FM Approval

for our HDPE solid wall pipes

Why FM Approval?

This certification is a private, independent testing department of FM Global – one of the most important International Insurance companies.

FM  (Factory Mutual) Approved is a brand used for fire-fighting systems, as the most important part for safety and property loss prevention.

FM Approval has one of the most rigorous test requirements, which need be met completely, in order to guarantee your safety and peace of mind, regarding your constructions. The production in Centraltubi has passed the audit, and our products have been tested in Third party laboratory, in presence of the FM Approval representative, in order to guarantee the impartial results.

We are happy to confirm, that our state-of-the-art production technology has delivered, as usual, the highest quality products, and that from now on, we are part of the selected few who can supply HDPE solid wall pipes for fire-fighting systems, which bear FM Approved mark, and can be easily insured by FM Global.

For any further information and inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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