[Vigaramo Mainarda (FE)]

The need, which is becoming increasingly common, to create systems for the storage and controlled release of draining water from waterproof surfaces, leads to the continuous development of new solutions to optimize the related works.



In the municipality of Vigarano Mainarda, in the Ferrara province, last February [2020] an existing open-cast rolling tank had to be backfilled for reasons of SAFETY and HEALTH of the area on behalf of an important manageging authority from Emilia Romagna.

The design of the work has however allowed the maintenance of a useful underground storage volume of 515 m3.

After careful examination of the various possible solutions and relative materials to be used for this realization, PEAD spiral pipes were chosen and, in order to optimize costs in the available space, SGK DN 1500 mm pipes were used in 14 parallel rows, connected by a DN 1800 mm header manifold.

The choice of the SN 2 stiffness class for all the pipes is derived from the reduced action of static loads (ground covering thickness about 80 cm), since the area is green, fenced and managed by the municipality with no access, therefore with no dynamic loads above (at most grass cutting equipment).

The design studio in charge was “SERVIN” of Ravenna, who was able to take advantage of the specialist technical support of the System Group’s Technical Office, both for the optimization of the costs of the products and of the work in general, in relation to the layout achievable within the constraints imposed.

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