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Eletric Welder and accessories

Futura s.p.a. Futura s.p.a. has various types of electric welding machines available for hire which are suitable for welding electrical fittings in PE supplied by the System Group:: Athena New Poly 230 V range DE20 ÷ DE400 voltage 8÷48 V Athena Universal 230 V range DE20 ÷ DE800 voltage 8÷48 V equipped with scanner and USB port for data recording

But Welder

saldatriceTTFutura s.p.a. offers Butt Welders for hire for welding pipes and fittings in smooth PE  from OD 63 to OD 1600 DE63 to DE1600 FUT250 gamma DE63 ÷ DE250 FUT315 gamma DE90 ÷ DE315 FUT355 gamma DE90 ÷ DE355 FUT500 gamma DE200 ÷ DE500 FUT630 gamma DE315 ÷ DE630 FUT800 gamma DE450 ÷ DE800 FUT1000 gamma DE630 ÷ DE1000 FUT1600 gamma DE1000 ÷ DE1600 Each welder is supplied with an instruction manual. However, our personnel are available to provide assistance during the hire period.
For information on availability, prices and assistance, contact Futura s.p.a.

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