About Us


The story of System Group dates back to 1979, when Alvaro Boscarini, a young man from Lunano in Italy, has declined the career in postal services, and started a manufacturing company of his own. With a certain knowledge of the market needs, and with a help from his siblings and closest friends, he has started Centraltubi S.p.A., a factory specialised in the production of solid-wall high-density polyethylene pipes for pressure application (closed systems of water or sewerage).

The young company Team with high elan, has made an impact on the local market, and soon realised the importance of the Environment and Planet preservation, so the Family has decided to start the Plastic Recycling and compounding business.
The market demand for Low- and Medium-density polyethylene pipes in irrigation and cable protection, as well as the necessity to supply the solutions for complex systems by producing pipe fittings, have brought to opening two more production sites, followed by the Engineering department of the Group, and the pioneer of the production of double-wall corrugated pipes in Italian market.
After the first growing period, Group became a cohesive structure with strong sense of collaboration, although each production unit kept its own set of specific skills and products.

We became a preferred partner for big infrastructure projects involving all types of water, gas or telecommunication canalisations.

The very end of 20th century and the beginning of 21st have been the period of internationalisation, so we have defined our global strategy, involving business agreements, production sites and joint-ventures in Europe and Africa, serving more than 35 countries on regular basis.
Sustainable economic growth, technological development, pursuit of quality, on-going research, project design activities, the strong presence in European markets and in the rest of the world are the elements that have guided us since the very beginning.

Today, we have 18 production sites, a transportation company, and a logistic centre. We have reached more than 80 countries with our solutions for road, tunnel, railways, ports and marines, big scale irrigation schemes, sport and leisure facilities, ventilation systems, plumbing and heating. Today, we extrude, blow-mould, roto-mould, inject and manipulate main thermoplastic materials – polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC, but also work with metal and rubber components.

–> We produce pipes, fittings, Manholes, drip-tapes, tanks, boats, buoys, valves, drainage channels and specific tailor made products in our portfolio which proudly holds more than 22.000 articles.

We will bring you luck.

Our Values and Goals

Our Vision

System Group has one important vision: building better, greener and more efficient infrastructures.
We firmly believe that our core values will lead us to achieve this result, and create enduring solutions in essential fields of Water management, Pipelines, Agriculture, Communications, and Recycling.


Quality is our core value, and it starts with constant investment of time and energy of our people, that extends to the meticulous supplier and material selection, constant upgrades in production process, innovative product development, and an high standards customer care for all the customer who decide to trust us.


Since 1979 we believe that expertise comes from the right combination of education, constant training and (personal) experiences.
The knowledge of thermoplastic materials after more than 40 years of experience, combined with the strong roots in civil and mechanical engineering, state-of-the-art production processes and environmental engineering makes us prefered partner for infrastructure projects and not only.


With 18 factories in 5 countries, commercial offices in 3 continents and more than 800 empoyees, we are constantly optimising our production and logistic process, to achieve the synergy with environment, and arise to different market demands.
Having a transportation company in house, allows us to serve certain markets door-to-door and just-in-time, optimising the costs, and the environmental impact.
Our product range covers the following:
HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, PP and PVC solutions for several applications.

We keep innovating

System Group is not just a family owned company – we are one big Family. Therefore:

– we keep growing
– we keep innovate
– we share
– we dream
– we are passionate
– we work hard, but we also find the time to play.
We WILL bring you luck!

Corporate responsability

For us, our responsability to nature and society is an important thing, therefore, we actively work on continuous improvement of environmental performance, and take part in many social initiatives in our communities.
Ethics makes important part of our daily business, and our Core values extend to our Suppliers, Employees and Clients equally.

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