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“System Group” was created in a small town inland of Pesaro as a result of an idea by entrepreneur Alvaro Boscarini who, in 1979, had founded Centraltubi. The group was formed at the start of the 1990’s when, after 12 years as a leader in the production of polyethylene pipes, Centraltubi was joined by Futura, a company operating in the pipe fittings, accessories and specials market. These were to be the first steps on the road to success which, in the following years, saw the birth of five other important businesses: Sa.Mi Plastic in the smooth polyethylene pipe sector, Pebo in plastics machining, Italiana Corrugati producing corrugated polyethylene pipes, Rototec in the rotational moulding sector and Mecsystem, the group’s engineering department.

These seven well-integrated companies soon made their presence felt in the commercial and production sector, offering their clientele a range of solutions able to

satisfy all the construction needs of underground networks for conveying fluids and for the passage of cables. With the latest high-tech machinery and employing highly qualified well-informed personnel right from the start, the factories were soon able to provide products of the highest quality. In response to the ever increasing demand, System Group then expanded its sales network to other European countries, with the construction of new production facilities in Spain with Futura Systems, in France with System Group France and in Romania with Sa.Mi Plastic Romania.The group further reinforced its position in the production of special fittings and mouldings thanks to the acquisition and subsequent expansion of a company already operating in the sector, Sab, acquired in Sirolo (AN) and then in 2007 transferred to a new production site in Sant’Angelo in Vado, near to the other group’s companies.

The group then acquired Lucania Resine, a company with 20 years experience in the piping sector. This company, located in Potenza, provided the group with a strategic position that would enable it to logistically enter the market in Southern Italy. In November 2003, almost all the companies in the group were transformed into SpA’s (Joint Stock Companies), which represented further consolidation of the group including from the administrational-financial point of view. The last few years have seen a continuation of the constant and concentrated efforts of the System Group to reach its objectives of an increased and dependable cover of not just the Italian market but also abroad, paying more attention to satisfying the demands of the market by broadening its range of products, entering new market sectors and increasing production. It is actually for this reason that over the last few years, the existing factories have undergone substantial modernisation and reorganisation, including the updating of the production lines of almost all the companies in the group.



System Group can be traced back to 1979 when Centraltubi initially was founded, with its small extrusion line, started producing the first polyethylene pipes. Today, after 30 years of activity, System Group now has 12 production centres and sales offices in 4 different countries, as well as a workforce of over 600 employees who work with the same enthusiasm as they did during the first years of activity. System Group has become a leader in the supply of complete and innovative piping systems in PE,PP and PVC in over 30 countries.


With its many years of experience in the production of high quality pipes and fittings, innovative machinery, refined raw materials and personnel, System Group can guarantee its customers excellent quality standards, in compliance with national and international certifications.

Ampiezza di Gamma

Amongst the many products System Group can offer we can find the following ones: pipes in HDPE, MDPE and LDPE for water, irrigation, gas, drainage;  double wall corrugated pipes in HDPE and PP for sewers and drainage;  double wall corrugated pipes in HDPE for the cable protection;  spiral pipes in HDPE up to 2500 mm diameter;  multi-wall pipes for heating and plumbing;  tanks for buried civil and industrial effluent;  above and below ground water storage tanks;  treatment plants;  inspection chambers in HDPE;  fittings;  drainage channels;  products for irrigation;  special products.


System Group has a complete and functional system able to provide highly innovative products. Thanks to our Technical office, inspired by the market demands, we create, test and launch new product prototypes.

Technical support

Thanks to our thirty years of experience in the sector, System group arises as the best partner in design and consulting. The modern Technical Office offers consulting, project and design support, suggesting economical variations and competitive technical solutions throughout our products. We can propose tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications, made specifically according to the clients requirements


System Group has a branched structure which includes various independent companies, each specialized in a particular production. All these companies are well integrated, complementing each other’s production range. The structure includes 13 production plants and sales offices in 6 different countries, a flow of more than 50,000 customers and thirty countries continuosly served.

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