logonew was created in a small town inland of Pesaro (ITALY) as a result of an idea by entrepreneur Alvaro Boscarini who, in 1979, had founded Centraltubi. The group was formed at the start of the 1990’s when, after 12 years as a major player in the production of polyethylene pipes, Centraltubi was joined by the first of the other group companies. These were to be the first steps on the road to success which, in the following years, saw the birth of System Group. The nine well-integrated Italian companies soon made their presence felt in the sales and production sector, offering their clientele a range of solutions able to satisfy all construction needs of underground networks for conveying fluids and for cable protection. With the latest high-tech machinery and employing highly qualified well-trained personnel right from the start, the factories were soon able to provide products of the highest quality. In response to the ever increasing demand, System Group then expanded its sales network to other countries, with the construction of new production plants in Spain, France, Romania and recently, in South Africa. The last few years have seen constant and continuous efforts of System Group to achieve its objectives the Italian market but also abroad, paying more attention to satisfying the demands of the market by broadening its range of products, penetrating new market sectors and increasing production. It is for this reason that over the last few years, the existing factories have undergone substantial modernisation and reorganisation, including the updating of the production lines in almost all System Group companies.

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