HDPE black smooth pipe with slots, available in lengths of 6mt and diameter from Ø 90 mm up to Ø 250 mm.


Supply and laying of HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (HDPE) SLOTTED PIPE, manufactured by company with UNI EN ISO 9001:2002 certification. Pipes are smooth and black with relative marking indicating manufacturer and/or trade name, external diameter, type, date, line and manufacturing shift.

The 6mt lengths shall have all the dimensional requirements (diameter, thickness and tolerance) foreseen by standard EN 12201; the drainage slots are realised perpendicularly to the axis of the pipe, covering 2/3 of the circumference and alternating in order to reduce loss of resistance; the width of the slots will be 4÷8 mm and the distance between them will be fixed so that the slotted surface represents between 3/7% of the pipe. The fittings shall be ……………………………………. (see “Joining Systems” here below).

Recommended for the following applications:
  • collection of percolated infiltrated waters;
  • Bio-gas collection in landfill sites;
  • Control networks;
  • Drainage in civil works (walls, underground rooms, road works, etc.);
  • Drainage for sports fields

Joining Systems:

The butt fusion welding is the traditional joining system which, guaranteeing continuity in the conduit, ensures both mechanical and hydraulic sealing.

The so-called “Jolly” coupling is a new rapid and functional system made of a PE injected hose with internal abutment and tightening wings. Screws and bolts are included to guarantee that the pipes remain fixed.

The threaded joint is composed of a male/female threaded coupling welded to the pipe. This system is recommended in vertical laying of pipes (as in biogas collection). This system guarantees that the pipes remain fixed but doesn’t guarantee hydraulic seal.

The injection moulded PE socket joint is welded onto one end of the pipe; the internal o-ring guarantees hydraulic seal and prevents pipe slippage. It is not guaranteed for use under pressure.

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