Rototec offers an innovative and full range of chemical and flush toilets manufactured in polyethylene (PE) using rotational moulding technology. Portable chemical toilets, in both the “sit” and “squat” versions, comply with the new standards governing the sector and can be equipped with various accessories that make them more comfortable to use.

Rototec also offers customised toilet cabin exteriors. The application of an exterior graphic finish in line with the particular application can limit visual impact or highlight the presence of the cabins.

Rototec portable toilets are made up of special structural elements that make their use and handling that much easier. The cabin, in fact, is equipped with all the fittings needed to ensure maximum safety during transport and maximum comfort during use. The portable toilets are delivered ready for use.

  • Vent
  • Polyethylene hinge
  • Latch with vacant/engaged indicator and key lock
  • Steel eye bolts for lifting and handling (on request)
  • Ventilation holes
  • Raised base for handling with a fork lift, hand grips to facilitate truck loading/unloading and cut-outs for manual trolley use (see accessories) over ground

As always, Rototec attentively follows the new market trends and is always ready offer innovative products. For this reason, the Rototec Portable Toilets are not only manufactured with different coloured finishes but can also be personalised with custom finishes and graphics. In this way, the finishes have a dual function: respect for the surrounding environment by reducing the visual impact of the toilet cabin to zero (e.g.: perfect camouflage for a golf course) or highlighting its presence and making the product recognisable by means of impact graphics (e.g.: publicity for cities of art). The toilet cabin is further transformed into a true and proper item of furniture and communication, acquiring added value without losing its primary function.

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