10 reasons why the Lucanian Aqueduct choosed Pipetracer

One of the biggest managing authority of southern Italy choosed Pipetracer for the realization of a new adductor that will serve the industrial area of Viggiano. The mentioned area is indeed of remarkable importance for the all economic network near Potenza.

The work included the construction of a new pressured pipeline of about 1200 mt of pipeline PN16 – DN 200, with a characteristic: most of the non-urban route crossed a natural park (with connected environmental restriction).

That’s way the managing authority needed the pipeline to be traceable.

Here 10 reasons why choose Pipetracer:

1 – Pipetracer allows a good tracking and altitude mapping precision of any underground network infrastructure

2 – Ideal addition to cartographies, GIS, BIM, etc.

3 – colors of the principal elements (cable and junction box) is done of the same color of the pipelines, combined with the type of service provided by the network

4 – Reduction of the future costs related to the research of the underground networks and opening of the intervention trench

5 – Ability to detect and question a possible negligent positioning (positions and depths that do not meet the terms of the contract) on the actual state of affairs

6 – it guarantees safety for the networks and for the operators that are working on it.

7 – Pipetracer works with any kind of device able to detect electromagnetic signals, available on the market

8 – pipetracer gives you the possibility to detect it with GPS interface

9 – easy way to implement the system through the arrangements of the plug-in boxes housed inside the plug-in terminals

10 – Extremely valuable ratio between costs and benefits

We would like to thank MEDIT of Tursi (MT), for the work realization proving their competences and professionalism


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