PIPE TRACER is the system comprised of pipe + special cable that allows the detection, the localization and the identification of underground networks with a remarkable level of accuracy.
The PIPE TRACER system can be applied manually to all kind of pipes. Ideal system for any type of underground network, with diversified colors to facilitate immediate recognition of the network service.





:: It allows an excellent tracking accuracy and plane-altitude mapping of any underground network infrastructure;
:: Localizable in class A*
:: No depth limit
:: Ideal complement to cartographies, GIS, BIM, etc.
:: Installed manually on the pipelines during the laying phase, is suitable for any kind of pipe and material
:: Colors of the main equipment (cable and connection box) are of the same color combined to the service provided from the network
:: Reduction of the future costs of network detection and of the opening of the intervention trenches
:: Possibility to detect and contest possible negligent laying (position and depth not respondent to the contract therms) at the actual state of affair
:: Durability correspondent to all kind of conduits used for this kind of applications
:: It guarantees network safety for the networks and for the operators who are working there
:: It works with any kind of detection device of electromagnetic signals available on the market
:: Possibility of geolocation via gps interface
:: Facility of implementation thanks to preparation of the plug-in boxes housed inside the plug-in terminals
:: Economic report costs-benefit extremely convenient.

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